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Welcome to ED&C web site.

We are always doing our best to provide solutions to our customers’ needs.

To our valued customers of ED&C,

ED&C started as an exclusive distributor of a total semiconductor design solution supplier on December 1998 and now supplying semiconductor design automation solutions to leading companies worldwide namely Mentor Graphics, Legend, Orora, etc.

In 2009, since forming a partnership with Autodesk who is the world-best CAD company, ED&C has been taking another step forward through business diversification. Not only supplying AutoCad-related products, which is a standard in the 2D modeling industry, we are also supplying 3D modeling - optimized Inventor and plastic injection molding solution, Moldflow.

A customer’s success is our success: With this motto, we are supplying the most suitable solutions to the customers’ needs and doing our best to provide better technical support and educational support as an ATC of Autodesk.

We thank you for your interest in ED&C and we promise to endeavor toward customer satisfaction.

Thank you.

E D & C , L t d .

President & CEO Ju-Kyung, Cho